Changing your life through a growth mindset

Lately you see the same type of posts popping up on social media. I’m sure you have seen them. Unsuccessful people (losers) do this, and millionaires do that. Attached is a laundry list of the perfect actions of the millionaires alongside the inadequacies of the losers. It all seems so simple–just do the same things as the millionaires do and “POW!” you’ll become one.

I chuckle every time I see it, because it’s so typical of today’s attention deficit disorder society we live in. Everyone is looking for the shortcut – the fast track – the quick-fix solution to their struggles. If you want to get chiseled, take this pill. If you want to look 20 years younger, rub in this lotion. To meet the woman of your dreams, swipe right.

The truth is that goals and dreams are only accomplished long-term through developing a powerful “why.” What is the reason you need to accomplish this goal? How strong is that reason emotionally? Do you desire it to the point that your heart aches to have it?

When you are at that point, the fun begins. Now you must do the proper planning by taking massive action researching the subject and laying out your game-plan. Throw in a big dose of determination, focus and hard work. Then increase your odds of achievement by focusing on your habits, rituals and routines. Delete any and all things that will move you away from your goal and replace them with those things that will enhance your journey.

In my life, I’ve had my fair share of trials, tribulations, pain, and suffering. I’ve been on top of the mountain and I’ve been knocked off with a two-by-four across my skull.

I’ve had those “why me” moments. In the end, God blessed me with the resilience and determination to keep going and keep moving forward. As Winston Churchill once said, “If you are going through hell, keep going.”

That thinking is called the “growth mindset.” The opposite is referred to as a “fixed mindset.”

Back to that list I referred to above. Replace the words “unsuccessful” with “fixed mindset.” Replace the word “millionaires” with “growth mindset.” That is the difference between these two groups.

The exciting part is that you can train yourself to operate in a growth mindset quite easily. There are specific techniques you can learn and implement to move from a fixed to growth mindset. Start your learning journey on YouTube. Simply search Stanford Professor Carol Dweck and listen to a couple of her presentations. She does a fantastic job simplifying the concept of the power of a growth mindset!

Joe Marazzi and son John

Joe Marazzi and son John

I am blessed to have two amazing parents who taught me their version of that concept at a very young age. They drilled into me that there are no quick fixes, and we won’t accept any participation trophies. My Dad’s favorite quote is; “We are measured by results…not by our best effort or good intentions.” (Love you Dad!)

To get the results you want, be cognizant of the mindset you are operating in and stay laser focused on remaining in the growth mindset for the majority of your day!

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