Committed to reducing animal rescue shelter populations!

Adopt Don't Shop ad at New Barker

Brandon Honda frequently joins forces with The New Barker magazine and Project RAD Foundation to raise public awareness of chronic overcrowding at animal shelters. All too often, shelters must euthanize healthy animals to make room for the steady stream of incoming animals needing shelter and care.

We hold an annual open house and pet food drive here in our showroom every June 11 for the “Just One Day” national pet adoption program. Shelters are invited to showcase their pets for the afternoon and guests are encouraged to bring their own pets to join in the romp and play. Brandon Honda donates to the shelters and accepts other pet food and check donations to help them continue their mission.

There are so many adorable, healthy pets available for adoption through either breed specific rescue groups, shelters such as SPCAs and Humane Societies, or through county-run shelters and animal services. Let’s all be a part of the solution to animal shelter overcrowding and the need to euthanize perfectly healthy animals.

We encourage you to visit animal shelters regularly to meet and get acquainted with their pets and personnel and learn how you can help. The more we all do to help spread the word, the happier and more humane our world will be. For more information, visit for more information.

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