Congratulations, Ferris Hamdan!

Ferris Hamdan, General Sales Manager, Sun Toyota

Ferris Hamdan, General Sales Manager, Sun Toyota

I am honored to name Ferris Hamdan as Morgan Auto Group’s “2017 Outstanding Employee” at Sun Toyota. Ferris first joined Sun Toyota as General Sales Manager in 2016, not long after Morgan Auto Group acquired the dealership. Since then, Ferris has launched a new internet sales department and led a sweeping culture change at the dealership, focused on customer service and satisfaction. He provides our new car, used car, and internet sales teams with outstanding leadership, direction and support and continues setting new, all-time high sales records.

I personally find his heart, passion and work ethic second to none! But, what I really appreciate most is his empathy, compassion toward others, and his leadership qualities.

Congratulations, Ferris!

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