Meet all the women managers at Brandon Honda

We’re proud to have so many great women in powerful positions!

When you walk through our doors here at Brandon Honda, you may not always immediately see all the outstanding women who work here in key management roles! I’m extraordinarily proud that we are a leader in providing high level management jobs for women throughout the dealership. Providing equal opportunities to all our employees is just one of the unique edges that has catapulted Brandon Honda into the top dealership on the entire West coast of Florida! Let me introduce them!

Internet Director Christine Conley focuses on customer friendly internet tools and features that fully serve customers’ individualized needs.  She oversees 12 Internet managers that respond to all of your internet inquiries and phone calls. Her passion is eliminating the “back and forth” most customers experience at other auto dealerships and delivering a value proposition that’s “fair” for both parties in a very timely manner.

Finance Director Jennifer Saltz leads a team of five Business managers that provide finance, lease agreements, and finalize all of your auto purchase documents. She also specializes in providing our guests that have had previous credit issues with affordable finance options. Her commitment to “fight” on the customers behalf for the best rates and terms from the banks has saved our customers thousands of dollars over the term of the loan.

Inventory Manger Kristi Sipes manages our inventory of new Honda’s and quality late model pre-owned inventory. She’s responsible for keeping them in stock and physically ready for your driveway. It is a massive job very well done when you consider we have close to 1000 vehicles in stock at any one time.

Service Manager Megan Williamson has her hands full with managing the entire service operation, ensuring processes flow smoothly and that your wait times are as short as possible. She prides herself on inspiring the 12 assistant service managers who report to her to be the best they can be. Customers love her because they have access to call her on her mobile if a situation or problem arises.

Executive Assistant Bonnie Guither has been my right-hand internal operations manager for many years. She works across all the departments to do whatever it takes to enhance our image and deliver spectacular customer service. This whirlwind of energy coordinates all the administrative functions, including marketing, advertising, accounting, call handling, and café operations.

Administrative Manager Carol Manning assists Bonnie Guither with the full administrative load that she oversees, from managing schedules for the reception team to handling supplies orders for all the departments. She’s our right-hand person who helps us manage the myriad of administrative details that are necessary in order to run a large dealership efficiently.

Store Assistant Nikita Patten manages the collection and submittal all our accounting information to Morgan Auto Group’s central accounting department. She processes auto purchase and new hire documents, payroll reconciliations, and handles our dealership receivables and payables, keeping our accounts accurate and balanced.

Café Manager Sharon Silver oversees our popular Watering Hole Café that keeps our guests topped off throughout the day with fresh, mouth-watering meals and snacks. She does all the meal planning and buying to take advantage of fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables and her specials change daily. And if you’re into health and nutrition as I am, you can always find healthy options to help you stay on track to your goals.

Technician Supervisor Crista Poynor is new to the Brandon Honda team and acts as the interface for floor service technicians, making sure they have the tools and equipment they need at the ready to efficiently service your car. She’s helping eliminate bottlenecks and delays to improve efficiencies in service.

So, the next time you visit Brandon Honda, look for some of our outstanding women managers and learn more about how what they do makes your car buying and service experiences here at Brandon Honda simply the BEST!

John Marazzi


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