Saving Athena


Athena and Zeus visit Santa Claus 2016

Athena and Zeus visit Santa Claus 2016

Meet my new rescue dog, Athena (named after the Goddess of Wisdom)–she’s on the left next to Zeus. I first met Athena last summer a few days before she was scheduled to be euthanized at the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center. I looked into her sad, puppy eyes and decided then and there I would take her home and foster her until I could find her a new, forever home.

Athena joined Zeus, who was rescued two years earlier from the Elizabeth Animal Rescue Sanctuary (E.A.R.S. Rescue) and they immediately hit it off. It was as though they had been one big, happy family all their lives. They frolic around the house and store, spending every waking hour playing, eating and sleeping together.

Before long, I knew I would be a total failure at fostering … again! Soon I eagerly signed her adoption papers and we became a forever family.

Athena is a Black Mouth Cur about two years old. Black Mouth Curs are a muscular breed that is best known as an avid hunting or cattle herding dog. Despite that, she is more of an inside dog than an outside dog, loving the creature comforts of air-conditioning and big, comfy cushions, sofas and blankets.

Zeus and Athena - best friends forever!

Zeus and Athena – best friends forever!

My family and I have always had a heart and passion for rescuing shelter animals and we are thrilled to welcome Athena into our lives. There are so many reasons to choose a rescue dog over dog breeders and sellers.

There is such a glut of dogs in local shelters because so many thoughtless people are breeding and dumping unwanted dogs in the community. The crowded shelters can’t possibly feed and care for all the animals they get. So, many are forced to resort to euthanasia to keep the animal populations down to a manageable size. They are not bad dogs. They are exceptionally good dogs who just want to be safe in a good home. They just want to be loved … and they soon give back free and generous love many times over.

I urge you to open your hearts and homes to a shelter animal. It feels so good to save a life. You will be so glad you did!

For more information about pet rescue, contact the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center at 440 N Falkenburg Rd., Tampa, Florida or Elizabeth Animal Rescue Sanctuary at 1644 Altamont Ln., Odessa, Florida 33556

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