John Marazzi

John Marazzi's Passions


In addition to auto sales flowing through my veins, I’m equally passionate about my family, giving back to my community, the value of a good education, saving and promoting the cause of rescue animal adoptions, staying fit for optimum health, boating and bike riding—and lots of things that I will be writing about from time to time.

Family First

John Marazzi and Daughters 2016-2

My proudest accomplishment in life is my two wonderful daughters,  Brianna (L) and Marissa (R). They are two great young women and both play competitive volleyball. Years ago when the girls wanted to learn volleyball, I knew nothing about it, so we made it a family pursuit and learned together. They both play competitively at their respective schools and I can occasionally be found in a hot beach volleyball game.

Education and Reading

Reading has been an adult passion. I went right to work out of high school and missed the opportunity to go to college. Consequently, books that have always interested me are usually books written by and about successful business leaders and their companies—how they achieved success. By becoming an avid reader of these great books, I’ve taught myself the great principles of business management, finance, marketing, and serving customers. Today, I have an extensive library of books with great passages marked for easy reference. I’m now a huge believer in the value of college and post-graduate education.

Among my favorite books are:

Healthy LifestyleCover photo from Gulf Coast Business Review Fittest CEO's

I love working out and staying fit. I prioritize it into my life every day. I also watch what I eat, preferring a Paleo diet. My physical fitness passions are mixed martial arts, weight training, Orange Theory, and Cross Fit. While some might say my workouts are a little extreme, for me they are the perfect way to work off the stresses of the business world.

Rescue DogsZeus as a baby

Another family passion is my love of dogs—especially rescue shelter dogs. Over the years, I have fostered more than 13 dogs to save them from kill shelters that euthanize unadopted animals, giving each a good home until we could find each one a forever home among our friends and relatives. Zeus (photographed here) is a Catahoula Leopard dog that is more often found protecting livestock on farms and ranches, rather than guarding Hondas. His mother was rescued from a shelter by the Elizabeth Animal Rescue Sanctuary Inc. (E.A.R.S. Rescue) in Odessa just before she gave birth and he is now our mascot at Brandon Honda and Sun Toyota, where he has his own dog run and welcomes visitors.

Boating, of course!


At the end of the work week when it’s time to kick back and relax, I love a day of boating with family and friends out on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico coastal waters in and around Tampa Bay.